Modernization of road II/545 KAPUŠANY-RASLAVICE

May 2020. Company COLAS Slovakia a.s as the main contractor implemented this project for the region Prešov. This is a continuation of the project and implementation from the previous year in 2019. Realization of reinforcement of asphalt layers with steel mesh #MeshTrack. Project II/545 Kapušany – Reconstruction of road Raslavice  II/545 and improvement of its construction and technical condition. The goal is to remove potholes, transverse and longitudinal cracks in the roadway, improve drainage, complete the construction of paved and unpaved shoulders, and replace safety devices. The company GEOSOUL s.r.o. realized the delivery of the reinforcing steel mesh MeshTrack from the Belgian manufacturer BEKAERT and its fixation using a sludge overlay (single-layer asphalt sludge) with the #Bitufor ® system.