Reinforced soil structures are very suitable and often used technology in realization ofg a support structures because of their flexibility and ty and ability to absorb deformation and also i tis an optimal economic alternative to traditional concrete walls. RSS is made from facing elements, geosynthetic reinforcement and loose structural material. I tis important to pick a desired adjustment of the facing when choosing the construction. The spectrum of possibilities is very wide today.

It is most commonly used for reinforced steep slopes (45 ° -70 °), if necessary for reinforced embankments (up to 45 °). A facing system is made up mostly by the system composed of reinforcement, erosion geomats temporary formwork molded into desired inclination of the slope. The construction system shall provide suitable conditions for the establishment, growth and long-term maintenance of “green” vegetation. Established rootsystem has anti-erosion function on the surface of slope. Climatic and local conditions together with the slope grade must be taken into account when designing the vegetation cover.

Represent a facing formed in architectural vertical wire-stone elements. A facing is used to retain backfill within the horizontal geosynthetic reinforcement, has a carrier and aesthetic function and is used to protect against erosion of the RSS surface. It is used for reinforced steep slopes (45 ° – 70 °) and reinforced walls (70 ° – 90 °), reinforced bridge abutments and wings. Flexible face is built by rebouding mostly in desired grade of wirestone elements with height 0.5 m, filled with stone / aggregate.

They represent rigid and semi-rigid facing elements used for vertical and slightly sloping walls. They are used for reinforced retaining walls and reinforced bridge wings. Due to the prefabrication they have application in linear structures larger ranges. Concrete facing elements can be fabricated in various surface designs. It is possible during the process of manufacturing prefabricated components to put matrix with a specific appearance into the mould. Chipped stone cladding can be also put there. Blocks are mostly manufactured with the finish of splitting surface in various colors.