conference SAAV 2019

April 2019. We attended the 18th year of the conference of the Slovak Association of Asphalt Pavements, the topic of conference was“CONSTRUCTION AND REHABILITATION OF ASPHALT PAVEMENTS“. The conference was held April, 10-12th, 2019 in the High Tatras. The aim of the conference was to gain knowledge about the current state of the art and the latest trends in the field of asphalt pavements. # GEOSOUL # as the exclusive partner of # Bekaert #, a Belgian company, has published a joint article “Steel-based reinforcements and their correct use in the asphalt pavements”. The article deals with the traditional #Mesh Track®# steel reinforcement for asphalt reinforcement and the newly developed #Fortifix# steel reinforcement to prevent cracking. Both steel-based reinforcement types are recyclable, which cannot be claimed with polymer, glass, carbon-based materials.