Predstavujú oblasť návrhu riešení s využitím špeciálnych metód a technológii pri výstavbe geotechnických objektov.

Nailed slope is made gradually by eliminating cheeks slope. The construction that secures the slope consists of short, typically steel, tensile elements-nails of cemetitious grout poured over nails and reinsurance of cheeks part of the slope against the soil getting loose. Securing the cheeks is carried out with shotcrete and steel mesh. The surface of the slope can be adjusted for example with cladding made of precast concrete, stone cladding, gabions cladding and so on.

When loading deep bed of the non-bearing subsoil formed from saturated clays. It is necessary to use measures to accelerate consolidation and progress of settling soil. The most commonly used materials are prefabricated vertical drains, gravel piles, gravel drainage ribs.

Slope deformation significantly influence territorial planning as well as a construction of linear water management or other structures. The issue of landslide areas is currently highly topical, because to build highways is a very challenging task that has to be done in adverse and difficult engineering geological conditions. When designing remediation, and securing the stability of structures or increasing their stability, elements of deep foundation, rock anchors, drainage methods and so on are used. Properly designed geotechnical monitoring of areas and identification of the problem play a significant role.

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